How Safe is VPN for Torrent?

Picture-Online-security-Hacking-TipsWithout a doubt, sharing digital contents using torrent is getting more rampant than ever. This is because it is very easy to download torrent files. Instead of a high-bandwidth server, all you need to do is to download a portion of a file and share (seed) it to others via your computer. A network of computers is therefore established and content can be downloaded faster than using FTP servers.

With this principle, anyone can also download pirated materials such as music and movies, which is of course illegal. If the rightful owner of that content sees you, he can file a case against you. This is likely possible especially for torrent sites using open source software where your IP address can easily be detected. For this reason, you can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) when downloading torrent files.

Once you are connected to a VPN server, you will be given a new IP address. This means your real IP address is hidden and you can visit sites anonymously. Your online traffic is encrypted so you can be sure that your identity is well-protected. Ideally, torrent VPN servers do not keep records. So there is no way anyone can trace you, even if you are in a country where Internet rules are very strict.

Although your ISP may see that you connected to a VPN server, no third party can decrypt the data being transferred and your activities will remain unseen. Some VPNs can also immediately provide another IP address once your earlier IP address has been blocked. This is why VPN for torrent (like ) is absolutely safe and reliable. But of course, not all VPNs are created equal.

Because the law is getting more aggressive in protecting copyrighted materials, many VPN service providers do not allow downloading torrent files. All VPNs promise online security if you are in a Wi-Fi hotspot, but some of them may not provide you fast Internet connection. Free VPNs do not require you to spend money, but you cannot expect good customer service from them.

However, not all paid VPNs can provide high quality services. Some of them offer low service fees; just make sure that they can really give you what you need. Know their limitations. Check for legitimate reviews and conduct speed tests if possible. If they offer free trial, make sure you fully understand their rules and policies. In short, you should always treat a torrent VPN service as an investment.

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